Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dear Kim Kardashian, Show Us More

Dear Kim,

You don't know me, and I don't really know you. But I do have some thoughts on your recent "break the internet" photo shoot. Maybe you'll read this, maybe you won't. Maybe it will upset you, maybe it won't. But I would love to chat with you, regardless.

Listen, I totally get that you feel the need to shock & awe people with your body. After all, your image is what you are famous for. I think the entire world knows that you are an incredibly beautiful woman, whether we agree with your choices or not. Of course that image is profitable, and of course it will make people buzz about you. So of course you would want to keep putting it out there.

I don't want you to read my thoughts on the subject and think that I am a holier-than-thou type that is just out to slam you--because I'm not. I have made questionable choices with my body in the past, and I ended up 18 & pregnant. I just happen to be very blessed {or downright lucky} that my child & my child's father are the best possible outcome to a lot of really dumb decisions.

I do care about you. I care about you in the way I care about everyone, simply because God created you. I also care about that fact that we happen to have our gender in common. These thoughts sincerely do come from a place of concern--not of condemnation.

I can only assume that you think that having people lust after you is powerful in some way. Culture tells us lust is powerful. Especially as women, we are taught through movies, television, magazines, and by each other that we can hold the power over a man by making him lust after us. But here's the thing--lust is, by very definition, a weakness. Lust is something people give into. Lust is something that requires no thought or effort to participate in. Therefore, a weak reaction cannot give you the power you seek.

As I said before, there is no denying you are an incredibly beautiful woman. This is not a matter of debate. What is a matter of debate is how that beauty is displayed. I won't get into what your nudity does for all women, because it's judgy, pointless, & I'm pretty sure you've heard it all before. What I do want to get into is what you are doing to yourself.

There are many things I have learned about you since I first saw headlines about your photo shoot. I wanted to get to know the girl behind the image--because no one ever got to meet her. I have read that you worked with numerous celebrities before your rise to fame as their assistant. That means in addition to your shapely curves, you must also have a functioning brain and a good work ethic. Celebrities will not just put anyone on their payroll. That person had better be sharp, focused, and detail oriented. I read that as a child, you wanted to be a teacher when you grew up. This means that you have a caring heart and wanted to shape the lives of young people. I learned that you donated HALF of your profits from your single "Turn it Up" to St Jude's Children's Hospital. HALF. That's a big deal! I learned that you love deep fried Oreos. And let's face it, everyone should do a slow clap for that. No one sees ANY of those things when they see you. All they see is body parts, hair & makeup. No one knows your real beauty. No one knows you at all. In fact, when I googled to find out which celebrities you worked for, these were google's related searches.

I know {well, I hope} that's not what you want people googling about you. But they are. And they will. As long as you choose to keep portraying yourself as you are. As long as you keep branding yourself this way, it only has to two possible outcomes: a sex symbol or a joke, and neither reveals any of the stuff I found out this week. I was delighted to learn more about you. And I hope to learn more. I implore you to show us more.



  1. Now, let’s write a letter to Kim’s mom, Kris, and her husband, Kanye. It's hard to believe that a mom and hubby sat by and allowed her daughter, the mother of her grandchild, and his wife, the mother of his child, to be presented herself to the world as a porn star--because, like it or not, Kim said it herself, and she was right," it was porn." You are correct; her action spoke nothing of her inner self or her mind, she allowed herself to become an object for the popular consumption.

    The question is, where do [they] go from here, since there is nothing left to titillate the mind, we've seen it all and we are disturbed by it? My elderly Aunt, a woman with much wisdom told me growing up, “What is wrong with some women is that they give up too much. They leave nothing to one’s imagination and when that happens, they become common."

    I shall take her wisdom a little further. Whenever women offer up part of their anatomy for public consumption and profits, they are tossing away a portion of their sacred spirit as well, it’s sucked up by the lusting and mentally distorted many until there is nothing left to comfort, support or guide her outer self, over time she will become an empty vessel where anything can be dumped. It matter not that women fail to understand or even agree with the reality of her sacred nature, it’s easily missed when one is engulfed by a contaminating milieus.

    Granted it takes an inner strength to draw upon and to safeguard our inner-self and that is where the wisdom of family comes in but when that protectiveness is lacking, one is left to one own devises that is often weakened by outer influences. Still there is an inner strength we can draw from but choice and the responsibility is solo ordeal whether we go against our own essence or not.

    As noted by Sophia Breillat, “The feminine spirit is nurturing, receptive, gentle and peaceful, embodying. Through projection, woman loses touch with her body as a divine source of sacred intimacy and passionate profundity.”

    The point is, this is not the kind of insight these women would ordinarily seek out because it cannot be found amongst the profane. Exposing self so freely in exchange for money or simply as an attention getter has deeper ramification than simply losing one’s reputation. To debate this issue it’s necessary to remove the challenge, that is, the idea that we are not to judge, which is nice to say. But, we do judge and we should judge when it concerns the public market place that we all share. However, in judging we are to offer wisdom or a positive alternative and nothing more, our moral judgments are personal to the individual and we are not to force our will or opinions upon others. Wisdom, however, is different in that it has a universal appeal.

    1. It is true. She has nothing left to sell anymore because it's all been seen & done.

  2. To continue:
    With that said, the problem with the exhibition of self, especially for a wife and mother that incites lust aside from self-gratification, is that, unknowingly women are giving away their sacred spirit--their personal essence, whenever too much is exposed or we compromise our own essence. That which is sent out, is also returned, and what is returned in this case is not respect, caring or even good will; its lust. So, when women take others—into intimate places or give out that which is sacred, that which is supposed to be private, there is a psychological and spiritual intimacy and an energy exchange with strangers that results into the recirculation of energy that was prompted by the photos. This energy is now perverted as it’s recycled and returned, regardless of the innocent intent of the initial sender.

    What is learned from this is that more so than men; women, because of their receptive natures are creators, either physically or mentally, they are responsible for creating positive energy field or a less than desirable or unhealthy energy field that their children, having no choice in the matter, will share. On the positive or negative side, she installs an archetype that conforms to growth or that conform to the mundane. That is the reality of the unseen power that women hold which is far superior to male energy.

    So, regardless of what the feminists tell women about male domination, there is a difference and she has a choice in the matter, it’s innate. Feminist's leaders are realizing they have been giving out the wrong message. Many years ago I read, Pinkola Estés book, “The Women That Run with Wolves.” I was surprise at read a recent article entitled, “Women Leaders: Learn to Run with Wolves.” Finally, its understood that the old damaging message given to women to act like a man, learn like men and compete like men had to be changed because women resented this competitive role. Many women reverted back to the old archetypes unconsciously through her own thinking and actions. So according to the article the message became:

    “ If you want to lead, women, run with the wolves! Learn to value and honor everything that is wild inside of you. It’s the source of your passion, your creativity, your selfless nurturing of family, business and society around you. Forget the rules of how men achieve success. Get people’s attention without doing anything to look for it. Just stand in all your feminine, provocative strength...The pressure on women to fulfill ridiculous ideals of any and every kind is so pervasive across industries, stereotypes and role models, in every possible aspect of our lives, that we are all killing the woman inside ourselves. And the insult goes way deeper because it’s not only about how we work. It’s also about how we mother our kids and how we dress, how we must diet to stay fit, and how we’re supposed to be interested in fifty shades of acrobatic sex at any given moment!! Slowly but surely. Domesticating her to extinction, just as we’re spoiling our planet with dirt, trash, plastic and compulsive consumerist ignorance.”

    What comes through with Kim is that she loves being a wife and mother and those roles are polluted with the trash both clashes with porn star image. The inner power that women possess when in balance and when properly used, the advancement of her talent and others and the ability to refuse to compromise can uplift the world. Just the contrary, when this power it’s improperly used, it perverts and distorts. Due to our feminine nature, and all that this entails, being different from men is the reason mothers have more influence over their children than fathers, and that influence lies in the energy field born of the paradigm she follows and the archetype she invites in or that she creates whether by design or mistakenly.

    Otherwise, excellent article!