Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pinterest Ruins Lives

Pinterest ruins lives. Spread the word. Well, maybe that was a bit strong.

I am not a size 2. I probably never will be. Scrolling through the images of teeny-sized clothing boards & body boot camp pins makes me feel like a slug in sneakers. I know I can't be the only one who feels this way about an issue they feel insecure about.

No other website will make you feel any more inept & ridiculous. The idea is a good one, I suppose. Where else can you find recipes, hairstyles, and countless ideas for what to do with mason jars and pallet wood? But here's the thing though… If we spend our lives pinning away, we'll inevitably end up comparing our failures with the highlight reel of someone else's achievements. I promise your friends will not pin their pinstrosities.

If she's a hair dresser, she'll pin "quick & easy" hairstyles that prove to be neither quick nor easy. Oh, good. Another messy bun I'll fail at.

If she's a cake decorator, she'll post Disney-level artistry of Elsa & her snowflakes. You'll come out with this:

Oh, then there's the domestic diva on your friends list that builds & refinishes her own furniture. Then you try it, and this happens:

Of course, you'll encounter the one who constantly exubrates DIY manicure-mastery. You'll end up with this situation: 

And then there's your fitness frenemy that posts endless thigh-gap after-zumba-photos with some inspirational song lyrics attached. You'll attempt Zumba to get a derriere like hers. You will never get a thigh gap. And when you attend Zumba, you'll just look like this:

….You know what? You're doing fine. I'm not saying don't use Pinterest… I use it too. I'm just saying stop picking away at every aspect of your life that needs "fixing". Stop trying to live up to this imaginary idea of perfection. Stop feeling inadequate because you can't live up to what other people around you are doing. Buy your grocery store cupcakes and hold your head up high. 

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