Monday, November 24, 2014

Pray for Ferguson

I think regardless of where you stand on the issue of Ferguson, MO, you could agree that this situation is scary and sad.

I will not weigh in on my opinion of what happened between Michael Brown & Darren Wilson during that awful night. Whether he was wrongfully shot or whether Officer Wilson was under attack--we can agree that the situation is tragic. I think we can agree that the riots are scary. I think we can take a look back at the Rodney King riots, and other racially charged events in history, and agree that those events accomplished nothing more than mayhem and tragedy.

Can we all drop our weapons? Can we all stop arguing for a minute? Can we take a moment to grieve over the fact that race is still such a tragic struggle in our country? My heart is heavy over the fact that racism is still a part of our dialogue in 2014. It's so frustrating that we're still here.

Ferguson Riots vs Civil Rights Movement

We desegregated the schools, but we have failed to integrate our society. No matter how you feel about Michael Brown, I sincerely hope you feel sad about that.

I will not deny that an event like this would {and should} evoke a strong reaction. A young man was killed. The weight of that situation, whether right or wrong, is incredibly sad. He was someone's son. Someone's friend. And fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image. There was also an officer accused of wrongdoing. Whether right or wrong, he is also someone's son. Someone's friend. And fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image. It saddens me greatly that the difference in their skin colors has overtaken what happened here. I hurt deeply knowing that we still live in a world where race is still an issue.

People have called for action in this situation. I understand. But I also think, as Christians, we should take a beat to grieve our nation's racial divide. Extreme statements will only widen that divide.

Let's pray for Ferguson, but let's also take a second to think about the gospel tonight. Let's take a second to think about what we say, and how we respond. Let's grieve that race is still entering into the dialogue. And let's hope for our children that their generation will not be watching racially motivated riots on the news after they have tucked their children in bed.

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