Thursday, March 5, 2015


Have you ever seen Marley & Me? The clearance puppy that seems to cause trouble all the time--our dog Barkley is like that. He was also kicked out of obedience school--just like Marley.

He won't win any beauty contests soon… Or ever. He's got a massive snaggletooth coming from his massive underbite. Seriously. That tooth is longer than my nails. He scuffed most of the black off of his nose.

He's not terribly bright either. He knows no fancy tricks… or any tricks at all. Unless you call 'relieving himself on the carpet and sneaking away before he's caught in the act' a trick.

He sleeps 23.5 hours a day. He wakes up only to bark at nothing or eat a bag of 500 cotton balls as soon as I bring them home from the store. It's one of his best skills, actually.

He has a very limited palate. Of very odd things. Aside from the cotton balls, he loves to eat dirty socks, crayons, ice cubes, legos, pantyhose, and eggshells. Not his kibble. Heavens no! He turns his nose up at what he should like in favor of the very peculiar five star cuisine we have laying around the house.

He never barks at a door to door salesman. Or a delivery boy. Or a new person he's never met before. But the washing machine keeps him howling through the entire spin cycle.

He sometimes constantly drives me bonkers.

But then he goes to sleep on my lap and his nose twitches in the most adorable way.

Or he snuggles up to me when he sees me crying because I miss my Mammaw so much. He so wants me to be happy. I can see it in his eyes.

Or he waits by the front door for my son to get home from school. His eyes light up when he watches him walk through the door. It's like he's being reunited with his long lost friend.

My husband trips over him and says "Good grief Barkley! Move outta the way!" And he looks up at him in a way that seems to say "I love you and I just want to be close to you."

Even on the days he's making me crazy, he loves me. He loves my family. SO MUCH. We don't even have to love him for him to love us.

I couldn't find a weirder dog. Or one more perfect for our quirky, weird family.

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