Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites - Haircare

I thought we should take some time to talk about one of the most crucial issues of our time: my hair.

Kidding, of course. But my hair should be put under a microscope and studied. For realz. It's oily at the roots, dry and stringy at the ends, sorta curly in the front, stick straight in the back….. It's exhausting, actually. And humidity? Fogetaboutit!!

Obviously this photo was on a day I forgot to focus on my hair and add some product in there. With this southern humidity, it just grew bigger & bigger {not in a southern gal teased up cute way. It was actually frightening!} Don't be like me. Hair is important. It can totally be your worst enemy, or it can be your best accessory.

I thought I would take the time to round up some of my favorite hair products that help my tame my crazy mane. I have not been asked to review any of these and I have not been compensated in any way. The opinions are entirely my own.

ONE. John Frieda Frizz Ease Expert Finish Polishing Serum. My word is this thing a miracle! Just a couple drops on wet or dry hair will tame flyways and frizz like none other. A word of caution: a dab'll do ya, so don't go crazy using a ton or you'll need to get back in the shower. I also apply this only to my ends. No roots or bangs!
TWO. AMIKA Perk Up Dry Shampoo. My roots and bangs can get greasy just from taking a nap. This stuff rocks my world! Truly. There are so many times when I shampoo in the morning and need an afternoon refresher for my bangs and I just really don't want to go through the process of drying and styling twice in one day. I've tried all the dry shampoos out there and they all have turned my roots white. It was just trading one problem for another because I didn't want to look like I needed a dye job! Especially when I don't have gray hair to begin with! I know this stuff is expensive, and my husband would say "What is in there?! Liquid gold?!" And I would reply with a "Yes." Worth. Every. Penny.
THREE. The Wet Hair Brush. This product was designed detangle wet hair without breakage. Need I say more?
FOUR. I've tried lots of curling irons from the Walmart cheapies to one sold to me in one of those mall kiosks that I {way} overpaid for. This one is the only one I'll ever use from here on out! It heats up to 430 degrees very fast, and it holds the curl better than some others I've tried. It also has a kink resistant cord which may not sound like a big deal but any time you can avoid fumbling around with an object that can burn you, I'll calling that a win. The only negative is that it doesn't automatically shut off so you have to be careful to turn it off or unplug every time you use it. I know a lot of folks would call that a deal breaker, but I've acclimated to unplugging the same way I have to buckling a seat belt. I don't even think about it anymore.
FIVE. John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color. As much as I would love going to the salon to get my hair colored, I just don't have time or money to maintain it. Well, I just would rather spend those hundreds on necklaces and kitchen tools, if we're being honest. I know you can think of other ways to spend it as well. Or just be responsible and save it. Your call. Again, I've used many boxed hair colors {on me and on my friends}. And this one is the cream of the crop! It's not drippy, which my bathroom floors thank me for. But more importantly than that, it coats every single strand so you never have to worry about missing a chunk when you're doing it yourself. I was a little skeptical that a foam could work so well and keep my hair in good condition, but my doubts were proven wrong. Plus, the after-conditioner is large enough for multiple applications. AND it includes a serum for locking in color. Winner winner chicken dinner!
SIX. In my opinion, more than any other product, hair spray matters. It holds in your style, but if it holds so hard you end up with a helmet for hair, then what's the point?! Hard holding hairsprays tend to freeze every single flyaway in place and dull the shine. Not this one! I searched for a long time before I found my one true love in a hairspray. This one holds fantastically without any of the nasty side effects. Not to mention that it smells FAN-FLIPPIN'-TASTIC! I tend to always find a good sale price on it somewhere too, so I really never pay the full $19.
SEVEN. There aren't a ton of products I'll pay top dollar for. This one is a must have for me. It's number seven on this list, but number one in my heart. I saw Kate over at The Small Things Blog rave endlessly about it, so I bought a sample size bottle on eBay to try it out. And then we lived happily ever after. As frizzy as my hair can get, it's actually kind of flat. And I do like some volume. After all, the bigger your hair, the closer you are to God. This product gives me non frizzy volume and it makes my hair so much easier to manage. This item is number seven on this list, but it's number one in my heart. Learn how Kate uses it here. Sidenote: I don't love using this product in my bangs like she does. Just a personal preference.
EIGHT. OK, I've been talked into buying a lot of salon products that I've returned or just thrown in the trash. Just because it has a salon name brand on it, doesn't mean it's a better product. And likewise, just because it has a drugstore name brand on it, doesn't mean it isn't fabulous. This is one of those times. I LOVE this shampoo! It cleanses without stripping my hair and it smells SO. DANG. GOOD. It's sulfate free so it probably doesn't lather like you're used to, so don't expect a lot of foam while you're shampooing. But it'll be clean anyway.
NINE. More so than the shampoo, I LOOOOOVE this conditioner. I bought it on sale on a whim and I am forever thankful. I put it in my hand when I was half asleep in the shower and did a double take just because of how creamy it felt in my hand. I just knew it was going to be a winner. It conditions my stringy hair so wonderfully without weighing it down. And again…. It smells SO. DANG. GOOD. Seriously. Amazing. Just go buy a bottle today!

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