Wednesday, August 5, 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I was loading my dishwasher the other day, and I got to thinking about how many of these kitchen doodads I couldn't live without! Now, don't get me wrong. My cabinets are too full of a bunch of stuff I probably don't need… But these are my essentials that help me get things done. If I had to downsize, these are the things you'd have to pry out of my hands over my dead body. {Sorry--was that too much? I've always had a flair for the dramatic}.

Anywho, here goes:

These bad boys save the world. Well, not really. But they save my world. Plastic spoons melt up against hot pans, and I'm just not a fan of cooking with metal spoons. They scratch up your teflon, and the metal-on-metal sound they make when they scrape up against my stainless steel pots and pans haunts my dreams.
OK, I gotta have a whisk. I went without one for 2 days and it's 1,000 wonders I didn't end up institutionalized. I now have a collection, of sorts. Of all my whisks, my flat whisk is by far my favorite {pictured on the bottom}. A flat whisk gets, well, flat {#spoileralert} up against the bottom of the pan. It's great for making gravies, deglazing pans, and scraping the sides/bottoms of pans/bowls.
GUUUUURL….. You gotta go get yourself a box grater if you don't have one. Pre-shredded cheeses are kind of against my religion. They are coated with anti clumping agents that are not only gross and creepy, but they prevent your cheese from fully melting together. If you bake a casserole with pre-shredded cheese on top, you'll see outlines of cheese shreds after being a 400 degree oven for half an hour. No, just no.
OK, so maybe this one isn't super essential, but your kiddos are guaranteed to eat more of their dinner if they can crank their own cheese on it.
You gotta have a rolling pin. They roll out pizza dough, pie crusts, and so many others. Why marble? It's heavier, so it's easier to mash everything out with less passes across. Plus, marble generally stays colder than wood, which is great for pastries. You really want all your pastry doughs to be cold when they go into a hot oven so the steam can create all those flaky layers you love.
If you don't have measuring scoops, and you say you can't bake, there's your trouble. Cooking is an art, but baking is a science. You've got to be exact and precise when you measure or your cookies will be dry hockey pucks and no one will invite you back to the barbecue next year. Unless you compensate with some really charming qualities… But just be safe and buy these things, k?
FULL STOP. WHERE. HAVE. THESE. BEEN. MY. WHOLE. LIFE?! Not only are they easy pour, but you can see the measurements from the top. So you're not filling and squatting down to look from the side. Genius!

You don't need a whole knife block. Don't me wrong, I have one and I love it, but if I only had to choose one do-it-all knife it would be a santoku knife. My preference is for the 5" one because it's small enough to mince garlic but big & sharp enough to slice up flank steak. Plus, santoku is just super fun to say.
You've gotta have something to cut on. And I don't care what Pinterest says. Don't cut on your countertops. It'll scratch up formica and a solid surface like granite or quartz will just dull your knives. I have plenty of more expensive cutting boards I'm eyeing, but for right now this one will do the trick. So grab one and chop it like it's hot.

So there ya have it. My unofficial & hypothetical if-I could-only-keep-9-kitchen-tools-$25-and-under list.

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