Wednesday, September 2, 2015



What a loaded word. To a woman, it sounds like a method of control. It can make a woman feel like a second class citizen.

Except… that's not how the word was intended to be used. But the enemy uses society to twist the word to evoke emotion {and outrage} about it. The enemy even twists the word so that husbands abuse it and therefore abuse their women. These families provide examples of why women who submit to their husbands are idiots. Or victims. And people eat it up and are quick to discard this profound biblical truth.

But this distortion of the word is not a picture of what submission looks like to God.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. How submission works in our house:

I joke a lot on social media about how cheap my husband is. He loves QuikTrip hot dogs. Duct tape is always a viable solution to fix things. The man doesn't get ice in his coke in restaurants because he believes that's where the markup is. I laugh about these examples of his el cheapo antics.