Wednesday, September 2, 2015



What a loaded word. To a woman, it sounds like a method of control. It can make a woman feel like a second class citizen.

Except… that's not how the word was intended to be used. But the enemy uses society to twist the word to evoke emotion {and outrage} about it. The enemy even twists the word so that husbands abuse it and therefore abuse their women. These families provide examples of why women who submit to their husbands are idiots. Or victims. And people eat it up and are quick to discard this profound biblical truth.

But this distortion of the word is not a picture of what submission looks like to God.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. How submission works in our house:

I joke a lot on social media about how cheap my husband is. He loves QuikTrip hot dogs. Duct tape is always a viable solution to fix things. The man doesn't get ice in his coke in restaurants because he believes that's where the markup is. I laugh about these examples of his el cheapo antics.

However, I've recently heard that someone is calling my husband controlling {of me} because he is so cheap. I couldn't help but laugh. He bought me new Cambria countertops two years ago and new appliances last year complete with a dishwasher SO QUIET it shines a light on the floor to let you know when it's running. He works hard to give me the selfish desires of my heart and I am so grateful for his loving sacrifices.

And here's the other thing: when he does get insanely cheap, he is doing it out of his own fears that there won't be enough money to send our son to college. Or to retire. Or to fix the roof if it leaks. All he ever does is think about taking care of us. So you know what? I TRUST HIM. Implicitly.

Therefore, for me, submission is a choice I am proud to make because by God's grace, I have a man who loves me dearly and I trust him use his rational mind and godly heart for his family's benefit. I am honored to have him as our head of household.

Because this is what submission is. It is not forceful. It is without resistance. It is a choice.

Therefore, when we're talking about submission, no one can force a woman to submit to her husband because that is outside the definition of the word. If a woman is being threatened or forced to submit, this is not biblical submission. This is domination is every sense of the word. That type of "submission" {I use air quotes because that's not actually submission} skips over the good and goes straight to the bad and the ugly.

Every organization needs a leader. And I CHOSE my leader. I wasn't forced into my marriage, and I didn't think my husband was an idiot when I married him. So I trust him to lead our family now. I am not restricted from expressing my thoughts or opinions. He welcomes them. Usually, we reach a decision together because God also said we are one.

It doesn't feel dumb to me to submit to my husband, because the man is dang smart. And I am forever grateful that God gave him to me.

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