Sunday, November 8, 2015

Red Cups Aren't Religious Persecution

Ugh. It feels like every year, there's a "War on Christmas". What I mean by this is that American Christians pick up some cause to "keep the Christ in Christmas". They get offended on some level and say that their faith is being persecuted. We can't say "Xmas"--we have to say "Christmas". We can't say "Happy Holidays". We have to say "Merry Christmas". And HEAVEN FORBID some corporation doesn't mention Christmas! Because this flock of "persecuted Christians" will angrily come out in droves.

This year, the unlucky target is Starbucks. Some people want to boycott Starbucks because their cups are simply red and there's no mention of baby Jesus or the word Christmas on it. Clearly, that means Christianity is being persecuted by these red cups of the Antichrist.

Photo courtesy of Starbucks


Look, y'all. You won't see me hating on Starbucks this Christmas. First of all, I adore their Salted Caramel Mocha and I will be enjoying those all through the winter season. Second, my faith is no different whether I drink coffee out of a red Starbucks cup or out of a ceramic mug with baby Jesus waving the American flag on it. And you know what, "persecuted Christians?" Neither is yours.

What if I told y'all that Starbucks not using the word "Christmas" will in no way hurt Christianity or Christians? Seriously. No Christians were harmed during the production of these plain red cups, I assure you. Radical Communism hasn't killed Christianity. The Roman Empire didn't either. I promise you Starbucks has no power to destroy the faith, despite their best efforts to sell legal addictive stimulants in their {clearly} Satanic cups.

You know what else? There is very real religious persecution of Christians all over the globe. In places like North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, and more... people can be {and are} slaughtered for professing their Christian faith. To say that an overpriced cup of coffee is religious persecution is an insult to all of them. As a matter of fact, Open Doors compiled a list and a map of the 50 countries with the worst religious persecution for Christians here, and you guessed it: the United States isn't on it. So for every Christian who goes on Facebook tirades about suffering religious persecution here, please stop. You're not even sparsely persecuted here. You're just making the rest of us {and yourself} look bad.

You know who you sound like? Regina George. You sound like someone who's pitching a temper tantrum because you're not the most popular girl in school anymore.

Your faith is no longer the mainstream thing. You long for a time for all other groups to be pushed to the fringes of society and that makes you pitch a fit. I suggest you find something worth pitching a fit over, like starving children or actual religious persecution.

You don't have to worry about being beheaded for our faith here in America, and we're free to gather freely and publicly without even being taxed to do so. Yet you're claiming that Starbucks not referencing Jesus on a paper cup is persecution. This is asinine. Absolutely asinine. Do you think for one second that Jesus would care if He were or were not mentioned on Starbucks cups? I think not. I think He does care about how we reflect Him, however. And right now, you "persecuted Christians" ranting about Starbucks cups are acting spoiled and selfish. It's far more disgusting than a Venti Eggnog Latte with no Jesus on the cup.

Drop your red cup cause. And pick up a cause that's actually worth carrying, people. Ya know, like loving your neighbor, Christian or not.

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