Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Behold Your God!

Today's passage is Isaiah 40.

Behold your God! What a beautiful passage. When was the last time you BEHELD your God? Not a fleeting thought… Not a nighttime prayer… Not a quick moment of praise… But actually stopped to BEHOLD Him? When was the last time you blocked off a long period of time to marvel at His greatness? His glory? His magnitude?

What would that be like for you? Would you be frightened? Would you be overcome? Would you be speechless? Would it bring you to your knees?

I practiced beholding my God this week, and for me, it stirred up worship and praise deep in my heart. I am just a tiny speck in this world, and my God is so immense, so vast, that the entire concept is beyond my comprehension. He is literally a concept beyond all compare. He is the greatest creator. He is all knowing. He is all loving. He is present in all things. He is bigger than anything we can ever begin to understand.

And yet… He chose to redeem mankind in the smallest and most humble of ways. The solution was not a great war or in world domination, it was a tiny baby. The creator of the most high chose to make himself small. He is big, He is strong, and yet He redeemed us through smallness and weakness: a baby born in a barn in a small town… that suffered an unspeakably awful and excruciating death.

Think about this for a sec: He could've redeemed us any way He wanted. He could've appeared and demanded we follow Him, He could've given us a great empire or great wealth. The sky was literally the limit because He spoke it into being. But His plan was perfect in its humble power. 

He chose to come as a baby. But why? Babies are something to be held, cherished, adored, and embraced. We draw close to them. We lock eyes with them. We breathe them in. They bring about feelings of instant adoration and addiction. In His infinite wisdom, God chose to send Jesus as a precious little baby so that we would be drawn into him with feelings of affection and warmth. God wants us to experience His approachability, gentleness, and kindness. Whoa. Full stop. Dang, He's good.

Behold your God.

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