Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Verdict Is In

Today's passages are: Romans 3:21-28Romans 5:20John 1:1-5, and John 1:14-18.

You know what's really weird to think about? God's always been there. In the beginning… before man, before day, before night… He was. And after man, He will be. Crazy, huh?

I just can't get my head around it. God is past, present, and future tense. So is His Word. So is Christ. He always will be, and He always was. Wild!

And then, somewhere out of silence and darkness, His plan ignited like a match lighting a fuse. God created man and and laid out His standards for us. Standards so high that He considers lust to be adultery and anger to be murder. Therefore, getting God's approval stamp with our ambition and perfectionism is an absolute waste of time. None of us will ever get it right enough to earn that approval, unless your name is Jesus and you are a carpenter from Nazareth over 2,000 years ago. Just a guess: that's not the case for you.

We're all guilty. We're all in this together, mi amigos. Guilty. Broken. Hopeless.

……….sigh. Scary thought!

Imagine being in a courtroom being guilty in a hopeless case. Your case is defenseless. You were caught red handed! All the evidence is against you, and even your attorney jumped ship. There's no plea deals to be made, and you're facing the death penalty. Imagine being all alone, full of regret and empty of hope.

Now imagine that someone steps in to take your sentence for you. Imagine the willingness of someone who did nothing wrong to be your proxy. The bailiff unhooks your shackles and you are free to go. That's how it is! So simple, but so profound. Jesus sat on the hot seat to take our sentence. God's plan was fulfilled for us, but not through us. 

When God sits up in the Judge's chair looking at your life, He doesn't condemn you because your debt has already been paid. You are free. Praise be to God!

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