Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blessed Are You

Today's passage is Luke 1:39-56.

There are a lot of moments in my life that I've loved being a woman {save middle school--yowza!} I love being around other women. There is something about womanhood that is so communal and bonding. Your girlfriends are the ones you couldn't wait to gab with after your first kiss, first love, and especially after finding out you're having your first child. #BFFs make the sweet moments that much sweeter. 

In this journey called motherhood, your besties are SO. MUCH. MORE. IMPORTANT than when you were a kid. And they're also harder to come by. But when you find one, she's worth her weight in gold! Momming is hard, y'all. It's also so very sweet. We have long days of boo-boos, emotions, dirty dishes, cheerios, crying children… and even crying mommas hiding in closets eating all the leftover Halloween candy. But we also have joys like laughter, tickling, lovin' on stray neighborhood kids, cuddles under the covers, and goodnight kisses. Having a great bestie in your corner to share all the facets of motherhood with makes all moments something to be treasured. 

How fun is it that Mary and Elizabeth were able to bond over their two precious miracles together? Mary was young and a virgin, but Elizabeth was elderly and barren for decades. But I still picture the two of them giggling and celebrating together, all giddy and gleeful. Besties for the resties, those two. I really would love to just pull up a chair with the two of them, because this was no ordinary bestie moment…. this was THE BESTIE MOMENT. This was a miraculous moment of victory, rejoicing, the highest of highs. These two were carrying the fulfillment of prophecies within them.

I used to read this story and think about how big their roles were in God's story, and think about how small mine is. But here's the thing: He has a unique, special, glorious plan for all of us as well. Whether you're a mom, wife, nurse, schoolteacher, blogger, reporter, waitress, actor, hairdresser, business professional, doctor, friend, or whatever… God chose you to place in that role. Your gifts and talents? He chose you to put those inside. You're the one He chose to carry them. Rejoice and sing, dear ones. Blessed are you!

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