Saturday, December 5, 2015

Focus On the Future

Today's passages are Isaiah 53:4-122 Peter 1:19, and Revelation 5:1-14.

In previous days, I've talked about my love for the book of Isaiah. Why? It is SO. DANG. SPECIFIC! Reading it gives me full body chills. For me, he book of Isaiah serves as italics and underlines for the confirmation that what I believe is truth. Remember that at the time of this writing, Jesus hadn't been crucified yet. Jesus hadn't even been born yet. There was no date given for when He was coming. And then it all happened. BOOM! Ultimate mic drop.

Now, we have readily available bibles and smart phone apps to read about what has already happened. We have beautiful houses of worship to gather and sing songs about what has already happened.

….Isaiah didn't. But he still knew what was to come.

Fortunately, so do we! We know what has happened, and thanks to Revelation, we know what is to happen. We know Jesus will come again someday. So here we sit, in between a promise fulfilled and a promise to come, 2 Peter says that we must prepare our hearts. Just as God's people prepared for a the coming of a Savior in the Old Testament, we too should prepare for His return. It will be as miraculous as his birth and resurrection that we now know to be true, and it gives us the promise of a glorious and wondrous future.

Let us fixate on a hopeful future, not a dreadful present.
Let us focus on victory in Jesus, not the warfare of this world.
Let us think about what has God already sacrificed for us, instead of what we wish He would do now.
Let us not groan in despair, but rest in His peace.
Let us not dwell on the exhaustion of this life, but instead the glory of the next one.

While we're waiting and enduring the suffering of this life, it is just so easy to get sucked into a downward spiral of despair… and lock the hope God has given us in a dusty corner of a forgotten storage unit in our hearts. But He promised good to us all throughout the Old Testament, and He delivered on every promise. He is the keeper of promises, and He has promised us a beautiful ending. So let us not have hearts that are focused on the pain of this world, but instead the hope of the coming King. No one else can provide us this incomprehensible peace… Only Jesus.

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