Sunday, December 6, 2015

Remember The Lord Your God

Today's passage is Deuteronomy 8.

I started my personal chef business fifteen months ago, and I promised myself to follow His commands in how to run it. I worked as if I were working for Him. I tithed a portion of my earnings. I very quickly earned great success. I was busy all the time, I was getting client referrals. I worked with a joyful heart every day. 

He created me to be gifted with a creative mind that gets great flavor combinations. He created me to be obsessive about food. He created me to be skilled with it. But as the numbers started to climb, and jobs turned into other jobs, it became all too easy to fill my own snap cup than it was to praise God for all that He had done for me. I allowed myself to forget that my talents were never mine to begin with. They were His! I very easily got swayed into pridefulness and forgetfulness and ungratefulness. Somewhere along the way, I still wrote tithe checks… but I gave less and less praise to God for my accomplishments, and more and more to myself.


Very quickly all the air deflated out of me. I wasn't so excited to go to work anymore. I was a lot more nervous about my performance. Challenging clients became a lot more irritating. I just flatlined. BEEP. BEEP. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. 

It's easy to count on God in the beginning when the outcome is so uncertain. We trust Him to carry us through because we're scared to go through it alone. But as the project continues and things are going well, it's even easier to forget Him. He knows this about us, which is why He advised us so many times not to forget about Him. 

But let me just tell you this: life's highs are higher when we're praising God for them. They just are. The jubilance of knowing God's great love for you is an unparalleled triumph. It's life affirming. It's overwhelming. It's emotional. It's not something you want to miss out on. So don't! Don't forget Him! Praise Him all the live long day.

Getting caught up in the ways of this world will always take your eyes off the prize. The Christmas season is a time that is SO VERY EASY to forget about God. All the parties and the presents are enough to distract from the real reason we celebrate the season. To do that would also be an epic fail.

Not only did He create you with specific gifts and talents, but He gave you the most incredible gift: Salvation. Grace. Mercy. No other gift will ever compare… Only Jesus.

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