Sunday, April 17, 2016

Make A Statement… Necklace.

I am a self-professed necklace junkie. And I have no intentions of changing. I've never counted all my necklaces because it would just take too much time, but I'm guessing I have hundreds. I've added to my sparkles over the years, people have gifted me some, and I have taken them in like my children. In fact, when I see a new necklace I fall in love with, this accurate depicts my mood: 

For realz. It's a problem. A problem I won't seek help for. 

I'm always buying new necklaces and figuring out new ways to wear them. I have more necklaces that I have shirts, sweaters, dresses,  skirts, pants, shoes, and purses combined.

Sometimes I go long. 

And sometimes I go short. 

And sometimes I even put one on when I'm hanging around the house. 

And sometimes I like big and sparkly. 

Seriously. Unless I am wearing pajamas, I am ALWAYS wearing a necklace. 

Funny {but not so funny} story: One of my necklace racks {yes, I said "one of"… I have more…} was hung on drywall anchors that ALLEGEDLY hold 75 pounds on the wall. Uh huh. No way this necklace rack weighed 75 pounds… or that's my story anyway! My husband was in the bathroom shaving, he was trimming up his goatee and all the sudden…. CRASH!!! He definitely shaved off a big chunk of his goatee from the shock and ended up having to shave it all off. Oopsie! We now refer to it as the great necklace crash of 2015. Yes, we named it because all major historical events should have a name to be referenced. 

See the wreckage above. Tears! I broke out the gorilla glue & saved my babies. Fret not.

Anyway, I recently packed them all away {individually bubble wrapped of course} for the big move. And I'm on retail lockdown right now because it would be so beyond counterproductive to buy new stuff while I'm packing, so I wanted to live vicariously through my readers. I wanted to put together some necklaces I have my eye on right now so y'all can soak up all the retail glory I can't. Then maybe y'all can share the pictures of the goods with me so I can be jealous jump for joy for you! Here's my current list {admittedly it's  long list} of all the ones I'm currently crushin' on. Click on each image for more information on your favorite treasures. 

Some of my tips for necklace styling:

1) If you're going with a statement necklace, don't also wear statement earrings. You want to make ONE STATEMENT, not several.
2) If you feel your necklace isn't long enough, there are tons of cheap extenders you can buy on Amazon or Ebay that can help you out. 
3) Don't wear a busy top & a busy necklace at the same time. If your shirt is floral or some other pattern with a lot going on, keep your necklace choice simple.
4) You can wear your hair up or down. A ponytail looks just as cute with a statement necklace than perfect styled curls. In fact, if anything, it just makes a bigger statement. Just not a sweaty gym ponytail that needs to be washed, K?
5) Have fun with it! Life's too short for too many rules on anything, even fashion!

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