Monday, May 16, 2016

I Can Give You

I can't change the world for you. I can't bubble wrap you. I can't prevent you from getting hurt. I can't shelter you from a world that is sometimes horrific. I can't keep you innocent. I can't always keep you happy. I can't cure maliciousness or meanness that can cross your path. I can't always cure your broken heart. I can't fix your fear. I can't control everything for you. Sometimes I acknowledge and accept these realities willfully, and sometimes knowing that I can't always protect you breaks my heart.

But I can teach you to be kind to others, and I can teach you to love them when the world has been cruel to them.

I can teach you to always look for the lesson in pain you feel.

I can create an environment where you know that no matter how harsh life is, you are fiercely loved and respected.

I can give you a new perspective when life feels hopeless. I can teach you to find the silver lining. 

I can hold you & hurt with you when you just can't find any silver lining.

I can equip you with knowledge & faith to help you navigate your own way.

I can model that I am human, and not perfect. Neither are you. I can show you that I love you, even when you're busted & land yourself in big trouble. There's nothing you can do that will break my love for you.

I can show you that even when I fail you {and believe me, I will} I will always, always, ALWAYS try again.

I can teach you the value of contentment with what you have. The pressure of wanting will never compare to the peace that comes with gratitude.

I can give you discipline & responsibilities that will shape you into the great man I know you will one day be. 

I can show you what marriage is by modeling it with your father. Marital love is more than an emotion. It is a decision. We may have days of conflict, but we will always choose to overcome every obstacle, even each other, together.

I can give you a life with laughter & joy. I can create silly memories of spraying you with water as we do dishes or trash talking one another when we play air hockey. I hope you can wrap yourself in these memories when the darkness comes. And it will, baby. The darkness always comes. 

I pray that I've given you enough so that you acknowledge the darkness, but you are not overwhelmed by it. 

I pray that though I haven't been perfect, I have been {and will continue to be} a mother that makes you feel secure, yet humble.

I only hope I will give you as much as you've given me. You've made me better.

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