Tuesday, February 26, 2019

...dream on!

Dreaming of your future? Dreaming of peace? Financial security? Or are you dreaming something completely crazy that will topple the apple cart?

It's ok to dream. In fact, if your dreams don't scare you or make you nervous, they just aren't big enough.

I am such a huge believer that you were given those dreams for a purpose--and that purpose is a calling for you to move. Don't leave those dreams parked in some back alley of your mind--GO. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


Are those dreams scary? Yes, terrifying actually.


Do you have time for it? Probably not; you barely have time to pee.


Does it seem unattainable? Yep, probably.

Maybe your dream is to open a boutique--but you have no idea how to write a business plan, let alone run a business. Maybe it's to travel--but you tell yourself "maybe one day". Maybe you have a safe, stable life in the suburbs and you are dreaming of scrapping it and learning to paint watercolors--but your nagging mother-in-law tells you how foolish it is and you agree with her. Maybe you want to start a blog--but you're sure no one would care to hear what you have to say.
As long as you "maybe one day" this situation and keep that dream up in the attic of your mind, the time passes anyway and the likelihood increases that you will live with oceans regret. Whether you're the type that makes overly-calculated steps or the type that leaps before they look, the only wrong step to take in chasing a dream is not taking a step. Just step. Just go. Just try.
What is the moral of this little blurb? Dreams are great. Chase them now or regret it later. Start now. Whether that is a giant Evil Knievel leap, or a hesitant & fearful baby step, DO IT. Start somewhere--anywhere.
God worked through visions/dreams often in both the Old & New Testament. He did this for those who followed Him & even those who didn't (Pharaoh, anyone?) He gave visions and dreams to those He chose to do His work and fulfill His plans. He spoke to Jacob here. He spoke to Pharaoh to exalt Joseph here. He spoke to Paul here

Ask yourself this question--what if this dream you're dreaming is your purpose?
"This is just a silly daydream, Sara" you say.
....Nah, I don't think so. I really don't.
This dream could be your purpose--God's plan for you and for others. If you don't move on it, who will? Who will be affected if your shop never opens? Who will be affected if your blog never launches? Who will be affected if you don't take that step. Sweet one, your dreams aren't just about you.
Here's the deal:
1) Everyone has a purpose in life. Call it a plan, a mission, or whatever you want.
2) Purpose demands action. GO. DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING to take 1/2 a step closer.
3) You can't be replaced. You purpose can't be replaced by someone else's.
You can't just store your dreams on some back shelf in your imagination--only pulling it out when you're bored or when you get around to it. Your dreams aren't just about you.
What is your purpose? Your purpose is where your dreams, talents, fears, and burdens intersect. Pull out a pen & paper to jot these things down and brainstorm the old fashioned way.
  • Dreams. What are you doodling when no one is looking? What would you do if money were no object? What would you chase if you knew you could not fail?
  • Talents. What are you good at? If you're shrugging and saying you don't know, what are your friends calling you for because they need YOUR help? Are they calling you for recipes? Advice? They need help decorating? Tech support? I promise you that your friends recognize your talents even if you don't. Pick up the phone and ask them if you still don't know.
  • Fears. What are you afraid of? I promise that is the enemy trying to stamp out your purpose. "No one cares what you have to say" you think to yourself. You read in a newspaper that 90% of restaurants fail, so surely that will be you. Rebuke that nonsense in the name of Jesus. Satan has come to steal, kill and destroy everything, and that includes your purpose.
  • Burdens. What breaks your heart? What road have you walked that was the hardest chapter you've been through? What keeps you pacing the floor at night? All of us are burdened or troubled by something. Resist the urge to shove it down and get on with your day. Let it rise up at you. Stay aware enough of it that you simply CAN'T NOT ACT.
Where do all these things intersect? These factors are like a treasure map leading you to your purpose. Remember, your dreams aren't just about you. Therefore, they should be big, crazy absolutely-no-way-will-this-ever-work kind of dreams. They should be the kind that when they start coming true, it's a tidal wave of blessings for everyone in your path. But those dreams are empty without action.

What action will you take today? It can be a blindfolded leap of faith or a calculated-hesitant-half-step. If God can move a major world leader to release his captives and raise a man from the dead, He will work just as hard for the calling He has bestowed upon you.

Your dreams aren't just about you. Dream on! {Just make sure you're taking action too!}

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