Saturday, February 23, 2019 the weary one

I was reading through the book of Matthew the other day and I came across the story--you know the one--the one where the disciples and Jesus are out in the boat and the storm is raging around them. Read it here. Jesus and the disciples were in a boat and the storm suddenly raged so violently that the waves were about to overtake the boat completely. The disciples freaked out (obvi) and went searching for Jesus and he was asleep at the switch.

Doesn't that always feel the same when you're caught in an unexpected storm? I do. Hashtag this story is me IRL. Where are you Jesus? Bro, you're asleep and obviously not paying attention to this situation. Sugar, we're going down swinging. I'll start swinging if you won't, Lord.

I picture Jesus finally having a rest after healing the sick and teaching the masses of people that would never just leave him alone. I picture him waking up and thinking "really?! You can't let a guy get a few minutes of shuteye because a little water splashed into the boat???"

He gets up and silences the storm. Full Stop. Mic drop.

The disciples rubbed their eyes in disbelief; who is this man that can command the elements? Spoiler alert: A tired man that has already performed too many miracles for one day, you sillies.

So when we're talking about weariness in your life, I feel you. I am you. In order to be a good mom, I have to make myself vulnerable. I have to be a dispenser of discipline and wipe tears from disappointment within minutes. I have to pick up the puppy's poop and bake the meatloaf and scrub the grass stains out of my son's football jersey. I do all this and rarely get a thank you. I have to serve knowing that, accepting that, and not holding a grudge. It's hard not to grow weary in the best of circumstances.

I'm a Jedi master at hiding this from the world, however. I have this tendency to want to hide this about myself in person. I smile. I joke. I fake my feelings. I am a master of camouflaging the struggle. I can fool darn-near anyone. {Except Jesus--of course--as I shriek out to him, even if only in my mind.}

So if you think you're the only one struggling--you're not.

And if life has swept waves into your boat--wrecking your peace--of course you're struggling with the idea that Jesus seems to be sleeping through it.

He's not sleeping through it, sweet sister. CLING to Him in spite of your circumstances. He can be your port in the storm, if you let Him in.

"My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to Your word."
-Psalm 119:28

Father, protect my sister who is weary right now. Protect her from this storm as it rages. Calm the waves around her, and if You can't do that, please calm her heart. She's drowning, or she feels as if she is about to. Hold her up and draw her in to Your presence. Remind her of Your great love for her.

"From the ends of the Earth, I cry to you when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the towering rock of safety."
-Psalm 61:2

Clear the path for her to find refuge in this storm she can't find her way out of.

"Cast your cares upon the Lord and He will sustain you; he will not never let the righteous be shaken."
-Psalm 55:22

Sweet sister, lay your burdens at the cross. And don't be tempted to pick them back up. I know you're trembling with fear; I know it feels like Jesus is asleep at the switch. I know this storm you're in is more than just a hiccup; you're consumed with the stress. Please let Him consume you. This storm is not your life; He is your life. Stand strong in that truth, dear one! Be encouraged that He is in this with you; He is at work. It may not *FEEL* like it, but He created you. Would He create you if He wanted to harm you? {PS: I'm in this with you, too.}

Remember, this storm is not your life--HE is your life.

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