"What? Why would you want to dial back on a career you love and jump into something that terrifies you? You're one of the top personal chefs in the North Atlanta Metro on many sites, why would you want to walk away from that security? That's just plain stupid!"

For the record, no one ever said this to me. This was a message I had on repeat in my head, and 100% of that message came from myself. People have actually told me the complete opposite.

I got an invitation to speak from a reader {I had never in my life done something like that before! It took me right back to 9th grade English class--sweaty palms and a racing heart--something I swore I'd never put myself through ever again.} Crazy town! What was she thinking?! I don't DO public speaking, y'all. Unless we're talking about uncomfortable small talk to whoever's in front of me in the checkout lane. I don't get up in front of people in a hushed room and SAY STUFF. What would I say?! Where would I start?! I was sure no one would actually care what I had to say.

I prepped anyway, showed up early, and tried to shake off my nerves in the parking lot. I walked in, got an introduction, {I had to look around to see who she was talking about because it didn't sound a thing like me}, and got started. While I was talking, I just knew that everyone in the audience was waiting for me to get things over with so they could go back to their lives. Instead, to my surprise,  people actually stood and clapped for me. People tearfully hugged me and asked when I was coming back. I never expected that, and I certainly never thought I deserved it. I've spoken at other events since then, and I just feel pulled to go in this direction. OK God, I get it. I get the message, I can practically hear you snickering saying: "I told you so! Get it, girl!"

I always thought I needed to be back in people's kitchens. I always thought this blog would be writing witty stuff about vegetables. And while it can certainly still be that, God has shown me that I'm far more gifted with encouraging people than with making great food. I want to do for other people what my reader did for me! I want to help people to get out of their own way to live the life God has planned for them.

As much as I love the quiet tip-tapping of my keyboard as I put my heart to paper, I am enjoying the connection to other hearts SO. MUCH. MORE! I've spoken to women's groups, teen mom groups, and students, and I just want to talk about Jesus anywhere I can. I love seeing who it is that God is reaching through me. I'd love to speak at your next event. I don't have an agent or a booking company, you can book me here with good-old-fashioned email {Email me at booking.themessymrs@gmail.com}.

I'm trusting God {and y'all} to help me get the word out.  


Just look at me. All excited to come say stuff to you!    :)


  1. I just stated reading your blog and love it! I understand God telling us to do something and we resist or maybe life gets in the way. It's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Then one day something happens and BAM! There we are pushed by God to do something that takes us out of our comfort zone. And it goes well!
    Last year I was laid off, it was welcome. I was beat down by my survival career choice and needed the break. I have attempted to go to school twice to finish my degree in education. Each time I was met with resistance from others ( abusers and a counselor)and this last time I got sick snd had to take a break. But I was also scared. I wasn't sure of my power. I didn't have the confidence that I could lead a class. Suddenly, after being laid off, I found myself in front of a class of 4-5 year olds! I'm back in college, because of Him, and I can lead a class! I can even speak in front of my class full of adults! I cried almost daily for the entire first quarter out of sheer joy. God is great!! Congrats on tackling a fear and on your speaking engagement!

    1. Bubble Girl, can we just talk about your handle? Where'd you come up with that name? I'd imagine there's some kind of story there. I'd love to hear it!

      Thank you for reading, and thank you so much for your comments on my blog! They really melted my heart.

      And yay you! That's amazing that you overcame resistance in yourself and resistance surrounding you to overcome this garbage you believed about yourself. You are a child of the highest King. You are his prized one. His beloved. Don't you ever forget that!